Hey Jealousy

I want… I need… Give me, please…

I used to think that as I got older, people would become less selfish. I was wrong. But more importantly, I thought that it would be easier to fight off the ugly green monster of jealousy once I became an adult. Again, I struck out pretty bad on that one too. Don’t get me wrong, I really love my life and I am very blessed to have the things and people in my life that I do, but too often I find myself floating into that place where I wish I could trade lives with someone else.

So, hey jealousy, I guess we’re going to have to keep playing this game until I get to the point where I can truly be content with where I am.

Oh wait, no we don’t.

This a choice. Sure, there are things that I wish I had or I wish came easier or more naturally to me, but what sense does it make to only be happy when I get exactly what I want and be completely miserable for the rest of my lives. That’s just too depressing. And completely unnecessary.

True contentment may not come easy, but it certainly makes life worth living.

How awesome would it be to live in a place where we can be thankful in all circumstances and are not always striving after bigger and better to appease our (and society’s) insatiable appetite for more?
…To live a life of genuine contentment and be okay with having all of your needs met and nothing more?
…To be able to rejoice with those who rejoice and to mourn with those who mourn without offering comparison of who has it better/ worse?
…To give without limits or hesitation and without expecting anything in return?

What would life be like if I said goodbye to jealousy and decided to live life for what it is and stop waiting for my life to turn out like everyone else’s? I would guess I might enjoy it a little bit more!


About jenthigpenn

Worshipper by design, worship leader by calling... ordinary becoming extraordinary by the grace of God.
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