Live Like You Were Dying

What would you do if you found out that you have only 30 days to live?

Deep question, I know. That question was posed to our congregation at church by our pastor as we started a new series, “Live Like You Were Dying.” I don’t know if it struck everyone else as hard as it hit me, but after all the deaths that I’ve been confronted with this year, it made me think.

I remember once, about six or seven years ago, my dad preached a sermon about how God took ordinary people’s lives and made them extraordinary (thus the title of this blog). He used biblical heroes like Queen Esther, King David, and the apostle Peter as examples, and I remember, at sixteen, how I desperately wished to do something extraordinary. Something that, when I die, I will be remembered for. To date, I have done nothing truly extraordinary. Sure, I’ve done things that have given me a sense of accomplishment, but nothing that I could look back on and say, “Yes, that was truly extraordinary.”

Which brings me back to last Sunday.

“If your past is covered by God’s grace and your future his covered by God’s care, where else can you live but the present?” Yeah, that one was for me. I live for calendars and schedules and for the future and so many times miss out what is going on RIGHT NOW, in the present. I operate in the “someday,” knowing that it’s a cop-out for not dealing with what is. The reality is that someday may never come and tomorrow is not promised.

So how does the ordinary become extraordinary? I’m not sure that I can answer that quite yet, but I can say this… The ordinary stays ordinary by staying where it is comfortable.


About jenthigpenn

Worshipper by design, worship leader by calling... ordinary becoming extraordinary by the grace of God.
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